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Upgrading engineering with the most advanced metals in the world.

Climate change and rising geopolitical tensions are propagating the largest industrial overhaul in American history, yet most engineers rely on materials and processes with origins in the first Space Race (or before).

Foundation Alloy combines groundbreaking materials science with production-scale manufacturing to provide parts with best-in-class performance, lead times and costs for the front-line engineers responsible for change. 

higher mechanical properties
faster than traditional manufacturing
less energy consumed in production


Revolutionary new metals.

Foundation uses patented elemental selection algorithms, invented over decades at MIT and UC Irvine, to achieve an unprecedented level of phase, grain boundary and microstructure control. This powers entirely new classes of metals engineered for extraordinary mechanical properties, rapid & low energy production - or both. We’re starting with superalloys and refractories to underpin breakthrough technologies in aerospace, advanced propulsion, power generation and more. 

In the Lab: We are stabilizing the formulation for a refractory alloy with a 3x upgrade in hardness over the market leader, limited ductility decrements, and a transient phase that accelerates sintering, yielding full density parts in <6 hours in an off-the-shelf furnace. 

The most transformative approach to alloy design in generations, enabling better versions of existing products and new engineering paradigms for future industrial applications.


Accelerating progress, from Engineering to Production.

By creating metals with manufacturing processes in mind, we’re able to use existing equipment to produce parts through powder metallurgy with:

-Wrought quality and no warp or defects

-50-500% upgrades in strength, corrosion, and high temperature properties

-Up to 50% faster lead times with the same equipment, and 90% faster lead times than traditional manufacturing

-The lowest embodied energy of any large scale production process

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