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Purpose-driven design

Entirely modern industrial supply chain


Innovation demands better inputs and more speed: Foundation provides both.

Designed from the atomic level up for today’s applications, our production platform increases the capability and rate of engineering cycles to shorten the time between possibility and production.

  • Vertically integrated to reduce costs, increase reliability
  • Lead times in days, not months
  • Tooling-free production for low-cost complexity, zero-cost design changes
higher mechanical properties
faster than traditional manufacturing
less energy consumed in production


Materials are the foundation of performance.

Foundation technology implements entirely new phenomena at the atomic and microstructure level of materials. With breakthrough engineering and manufacturing in mind, we can design metals that enhance an array of critical-to-quality properties and key production processes.

We do this through precise selection of alloying elements and proprietary processing routes to alter the behavior of metals in new ways. With this approach, we can improve and accelerate key processes like sintering while creating and controlling stable structures within the metals that are otherwise impossible to achieve. 

The first fully integrated, materials-driven approach to advanced manufacturing, enabling better versions of existing products and new engineering paradigms for future industrial applications.


A new supply chain, re-engineered from the ground up to increase modern engineering capabilities.

We are rethinking each step of the metal parts supply chain, integrating the best of existing technology with our own innovations to provide:

  • Concurrent optimization of part geometries and materials
  • Volume flexibility from single digits to hundreds of thousands
  • Best-in-class material & part performance, design flexibility, costs & energy savings

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