New technologies need new classes of materials.

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A Foundation for the next industrial era.

The most advanced applications, from fusion to hypersonics, need materials that match their ambitions. That's what we're here for. 

Foundation creates and uses new alloys engineered for extreme performance and fast, flexible part production. We're starting with multi-principal element (MPE) superalloys and refractories - Ti and steels coming soon. Reach out for spec sheets and material demonstration kits.

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We're bringing together world class materials, engineering and operations experts from every background to achieve our mission: building a foundation for the next industrial era. We Play to Win, Together - join us.

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The Team

Our team brings together decades of experience at MIT, University of California Irvine, Apple, Blue Origin and many others to solve some of the biggest problems in materials and manufacturing.

  • As CEO, Jake focuses on bringing together the team, resources and direction that will bring Foundation Alloy to market. LinkedIn →

    “We’re adding new, better inputs into the most exciting engineering period in history. The results will be beyond what we can imagine because we’re only just starting to grasp what is possible.”
  • Jasper Lienhard leads research, development, and technology implementation at Foundation Alloy. He is an expert on powder metallurgy and holds an S.B. and Ph.D. from MIT in Materials Science and Engineering. LinkedIn →

    “Metals are the most important class of materials in the world. We’re bringing new technology to market that will create exciting possibilities for what can be accomplished in metal part production.”
  • A Professor of Metallurgy at MIT for over 20 years, Christopher Schuh develops new methods of materials design and optimization. He has co-founded several startups in the metals and materials space, including Xtalic Corporation and Desktop Metal. He is an elected member of the National Academy of Inventors and the National Academy of Engineering. LinkedIn → 

    “The full value of additive manufacturing will be unleashed when advanced 3D printing hardware is augmented with a wave of new materials, designed from the atomic scale up deliver better performance.”
  • Tim is a Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at the University of California, Irvine, where his research focuses on increasing the performance, reliability, and lifetime of novel engineering alloys. He received a B.S./M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Johns Hopkins University in 2007 and a Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from MIT in 2011. LinkedIn →

    “Engineering innovations require that deep science and lab curiosities be brought to bear on real-world challenges. Tackling this challenge energizes us at Foundation Alloy.”
  • Jen graduated from the University of California, Irvine with her Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering. She has also worked in several engineering roles at IBM, Globalfoundries, and Apple.

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    “New materials enable new, exciting technologies. I am thrilled to be part of Foundation Alloy that is making these new metals reality.”
  • Dina Deresh is an expert in additive process optimization and scaling to production. Her focus is to build and outfit the additive vertical at Foundation Alloy. 

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    “Excited that I get to be the first to print with the FA’s bespoke materials!”
  • Alex Zwiren has a BS in Material Science and Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University and an MS in Mechanical Engineering from NYU. He has worked in the additive manufacturing space for eight years, focused on Binder Jetting and LPBF. Alex enjoys cooking, playing soccer and basketball, and watching his beloved Liverpool FC, YNWA.

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    “FA provides a space that blends state-of-the-art material science with advanced manufacturing and the prospect of promoting the status of additive manufacturing is invigorating!”
  • Evgenii received his Ph.D. from the University of New Hampshire where he worked on the design of lightweight alloys. He also was a co-founder of a startup on the production of Arc-PVD coatings for tools and dentures. 

    “Advanced manufacturing is the future of producing metal parts and I’m proud to be a part of the team that brings this technology to the world!”
  • Piyamanee Komolwit has a number of years working with powders; hard and soft metals, plastic, and ceramics, both in feedstock generation and research/industrial applications.  In addition, Piyamanee has expertise in alloy design, thermal processing, and finishing, specializing in technology transfer and manufacturing scale up.  

    “New materials only emerge via a combination of creative manufacturing processes and multi-disciplinary material design.”
  • Danny has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Virginia Tech and a M.S. in Additive Manufacturing and Design from Penn State. His focus is to translate Foundation Alloy’s innovative technology into clear solutions to customer problems. 

    “We have a chance to make the physical world as limitless as the digital world. Our team leverages new and advanced materials as the foundation we rely on to push these boundaries.”
  • Trevor received his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Virginia and his M.S. in Nuclear Engineering from Penn State University, bringing research experience from a variety of different engineering disciplines. He will be optimizing Foundation Alloy’s materials and processes for high volume manufacturing.

    “With the combination of advanced material science and additive manufacturing, Foundation Alloy will allow industries to innovate and evolve in ways never before possible. Who wouldn't be excited?!”

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